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Taking on obesity and its complications like diabetes and heart disease, together.


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Our mission is to empower women transitioning into menopause to take control of their health by addressing obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

Our unique approach prioritizes nutrition, culinary medicine, and lifestyle.

We offer 1:1 text-based coaching to help you through your individual journey. We know you have so many questions running through your head….

Do you want to be the happiest & healthiest version of yourself?

Everything I used to do to keep my weight stable isn’t working anymore! ?

Why am I gaining weight all of a sudden?! I’m doing everything right!

Why is my blood sugar higher?

How do I know if I’m at risk for heart disease?

Am I at risk for insulin resistance?

What do I do to prevent weight gain in menopause?

Why am I gaining belly fat?

This is where we come in!

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About us

Dr. Disha Narang, MD

Co-Founder, Mom and Physician

  • Board-certified Endocrinologist, Obesity and Culinary Medicine Specialist
  • Mom of Ayla

Dr. Nisha Patel, MD

Co-Founder, Mom and Physician

  • Board-certified Lipidologist, Menopause, Obesity and Culinary Medicine Specialist.

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